The busy life of Giraffs Without Borders employee Tanja



Tanja has many jobs to take care of in the company. The daily responsibilities are many and often stressfull - after all it is not anybody who gets to wear the chicken-hat.


It is very important that all employees take their job seriously and Tanja can get very angry at lazy and frivolous workers. Even a small mistake can cause serious delay in the important work of GWB. The worker on the picture to the left were fooling around instead of cleaning the giraffe-hooves properly which resulted in a delay in the purchase of chocolate-biscuits because Netto was closed.





Tanja is the Giraffs Without Borders travel organizer. It is her responsibility to coordinate all travelling in a suitable way. She prefers to make her own charts since the real maps always contain lots of errors.........

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    Tanja is the chief photographer of the company which is a very important function in public relations affairs. On the picture she is in Krakow (Poland) doing promotion. We are very popular in Poland and have saved millions of giraffes especially in Krakow.
Another promotion trip. This time to Copenhagen where GWB had a business-meeting with the danish queen. It is evident from the picture how much all members of the company love eachother (allthough some love themselves more).