Jones B. Giraffo killed in helicopter accident

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What started as a normal day in a giraffe-reserve in the Southamerican country Tanzania turned out to be one of the biggest disasters in the history of Giraffes Without Borders.

The accident was caused by a newly designed helicopter for transportation of giraffes. The "helicopter-with-hole-in-the-roof-for-giraffe-necks" was a brilliant invention with great prospects. As soon as the rotors on the helicopter started on the test-flight it was evident though, that there was still a few problems to be solved. Unfortunately it was impossible to save the life of Jones B. Giraffo.



Jones B. leaves behind his yonger brother Blackie and his mother Betty Boop.


The official statement from Giraffs Without Borders is the following: "We will not waste our time pointing fingers when obviously the death of Jones B. Giraffo was no ones fault. On the next giraffe-transporter the rotors of the helicopter will be placed higher than the average giraffe-neck to avoid further decapitation-problems."



Jones B. Giraffo was burried in his home-land Rwanda and thousands of GWB members attended the funeral.


All giraffs Without Borders members are sad and shocked and our thoughts go to the family of Jones B.