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If you have questions about giraffes or other interesting topics you are most welcome to ask our experts. They know pretty much anything there is to know about everything. Our mailadresse is:


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Why are some of the words on the web-page underlined and others are not?   The underlined words are hyperlinks fools    

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Why don't you have more giraffes on your trips?   We would like to but it's very difficult and expensive to transport large quantities of giraffes. And also it is sometimes illegal to bring giraffes out of their native countries.
When do you visit my town?   Giraffs Without Borders official tourplan
Can I bring my adopted giraffe home?   No not usually. Giraffes prefere their freedom and they like to live among other giraffes. However, we won't stop you if you and your giraffe decide to live together.
How much space does a giraffe require if we decide to move in together?   Not much, but remember that giraffes live underground so you will have to keep it in a basement or a cave.