Gert-Giraffe Award show 2006 in Okrug (Kamchatka)



view over the award show entrance (notice the beautiful gold-giraffes sponsered by Glitter)




The following awards were won by Giraffs Without Borders:

Most elegant giraffe reserve

Creative giraffe reserve location (for the reserve on Svalbard)

Lowest cost of giraffe-adoption

Longest neck

Highest number of giraffes counted in forrest located in a temperate climate zone

Nicest paint on of spots on a deer

Best construction of giraffe-fence

Lowest amount of killed giraffes throughout the year






As usually all our members were invited to the show. This is a group of Danish members arriving. From left: Blackie, Ane the Kegle, Sofie, Jeppe, Maibritt, Birgit and Annemette.  





Acceptance speaches from members of Giraffs Without Borders:





"Oh my god this a complete surprise to me. I didn't even prepare a speach. I just can't believe we won the award for Creative giraffe reserve location two years in a row. I would like to thank all our members, sponsors and giraffe-friends as well as my family and friends,  my hamster, my accountant, the postman, llamas, flying lizzards, David Hasselhof, Sponge Bob, Rhodes and the inventors of curry (you know who you are).

A special thankyou goes out to my old school teachers for not teaching me about geography and biology. Without them I would never even have considered to place a giraffe reserve on Svalbard."

"See you all on Weasel Stomping Day"


-Tanja Jakobsen, director Giraffs Without Borders






  "On behalf of Giraffs Without Borders I would like to thank....... Well no one really, everybody sucks. I'm broke, unemployed and living in a card board box that barely even has an internet connection.

I especially don't want to thank Eurofins, SSI, Novo Nordisk, CSC, Colopolast, Leopharma, Rigshospitalet, Cheminova and many others for making it their life-philosophy to reject my job applications. You should know that when I get my Nobel price there's no way I am going to work for any of you EVER ----- ) :=

By the way I'm not bitter, not at all. I just hate the world and everyone in it. This is definetely the last time I get a university degree."


-Trine F, director Giraffs Without Borders 





Additional pictures from the show