Eight Gert Giraffe-awards for Giraffs Without Borders!!!!!



Copenhagen, Denmark was the host of the Gert-Giraffe Award show 2005 where Giraffs Without Borders were nominated in eight catagories and won them all ---------( : =



  On this picture spindoctor Sofie and two other GWB members are receiving the award for "Nicests funeral parade in honour of dead giraffe"


The following awards were won by Giraffs Without Borders:

Most elegant giraffe reserve

Creative giraffe reserve location (for the reserve on Svalbard)

Nicests funeral parade in honour of dead giraffe

Lowest cost of giraffe-adoption

Longest neck

Highest number of giraffes counted in forrest located in a temperate climate zone

Nicest paint on of spots on a deer

Best construction of giraffe-fence



Giraffs Without Borders members in Copenhagen


Comments from Giraffs Without Borders:


"We are (as always) very proud to win the very very nice Giraffe-awards and it gives us great pleasure to know that people appreciate our hard work. On a night like this our thoughts go to the poor giraffe-family who lost a beloved member last year - Jones B Giraffo we miss you!!! And to Davis Hasselhof: Sorry you couldn't be nominated for your incredible work with the rapeseed flowers in Mongolia - It was inspiring to watch you dance the rain-dance wearing nothing but flowers and a dead chicken."

"And did you know that the giraffe and the deer are in fact very closely related? "

-Tanja Jakobsen, director Giraffs Without Borders


  "Giraffes Without Borders would like to thank all our members and giraffe-friends, also the ones who couldn't be here tonight - Shake those hooves people!!!!!! A special thanx goes out to our generous sponsors - We love you all. And finally to Magistrenes A-kasse - Keep sending those little pieces of paper to fill out with zeros in return for money"

-Trine Fredlund, director Giraffs Without Borders 

Comments from other nominees:


"Giraffs Without Borders must have cheated, there's just no way that anyone can beat me in a longest neck competition. Giraffes are traitors and they should all be send out of the country. They steal our jobs and our women and they are to lazy to work"

-Pia Kjærsgaard, nominated in the "Longest neck" category


"It is no shame to loose to an organization like Giraffs Without Borders. After all they are amazing and we are not"

-C.H Ickenhat, director Giraffes R Us



And remember people: Giraffs Without Borders love you all

(exept off course if we don't like you, if you don't like giraffes or if we don't know you but have a feeling that we might not like you)


Gert Giraffe Award show picture gallery