Gert-Giraffe Award show 2006 in Okrug

Okrug in Kamchatka is the host of the Gert-Giraffe Award show 2006. Giraffs Without Borders are nominated in the following eight categories:


As last year:

Most elegant giraffe reserve

Creative giraffe reserve location (for the reserve on Svalbard)

Lowest cost of giraffe-adoption

Longest neck

Highest number of giraffes counted in forrest located in a temperate climate zone

Nicest paint on of spots on a deer

Best construction of giraffe-fence


And the newcomer:

Lowest amount of killed giraffes throughout the year


We hoped to win the award for "most useful fortune telling" for our forseeing of a new ice age, however, the global warming seems to be kicking of pretty seriously lately so we might have been wrong about that one (obviously we can still hope for the Gulf Streem to reverse itself, but it probably won't happen this month).


The Show will be held on january the 20th 2007 and tickets are available at post-offices and gas-stations througout Kamchatka and Lęsų.