Giraffs Without Borders infiltrate the UK

All the time spend with giraffes (the great spotted masters of camouflage) has turned Giraffs Without Borders members into perfect spies. This was prooved last week when we visited England disguised as english citizens. As can be seen on the picture below there is absolutely no difference between disguised GWB members and ordinary englishmen (three of the people on the picture are Giraffs Without Borders members). 



Larry Spotter, expert in camouflageology:

"Fantastic!!! I simply cannot tell the difference between Giraffs Without Borders members and ordinary english people. Great disguise techniuqe i must say"  


Future projets:

This experiment has made it possible to start a new project in the UK to investigate the behavior and evolution of english mammals of the Homo sapiens species. Answers can now be found for questions that have remained unanswered for decades.

Important fields of investigation are:

  • Why do english people have such ugly teeth?

  • Is it really THAT important to mind the gap?

  • Do they have special minds to cope with the psychological stress of grey skies and rain forever?

  • And much more which will be revealed in the field report.