Don't Panic - the giraffes are safe and mammoth-meat is supposed to be very tasty


Europe is drowning in snow these days and GWB experts have forseen the beginning of a new ice age. Within the next 20 years Europe and parts of North America will be covered in glaciers (and maybe parts of the Russia-Sibiria-Asia-place as well).



Obviously this is very bad news for giraffes. Especially because they live underground in large home-made caves and it is virtually impossible for a giraffe to dig when the ground is frozen (this is off-course why giraffes prefer to live in tropical countries.

GWB are currently digging new giraffe-homes all over Jutland (Denmark) to help the giraffes through the winter and prepare for the next 100.000 years of ice-age. 



If you wish to help us with the digging by providing money, tools or chocolate-biscuits you can contact us on the following mail-adress: