Kermit the frog


Most people know Kermit from The Muppet Show but he is a frog of many talents.

Drinking Vodka is one of his biggest talents. He can drink a bottle of Vodka the size of himself. Obviously beeing made of cloth is a great advantage when you want to drink a lot of alcohol, but still.....




    Kermit drinking Vodka
  At special occasions (that is when he is very drunk) Kermit is known for playing the guitar.
Kermit and some GWB friends playing guitar    
Kermit has a special talent for always appearing perfect. That is why he is the company dress-code/life-style expert.  
    Green and perfect. That is how you will always know Kermit
  Kermit is an entertainer and doesn't do much of the actual work with the giraffes. After all most giraffes do not have a very developed sense of humor and a comical talent like Kermit would be wasting his time with them. That's why when giraffes are present he usually stays in the background.


Kermit on a Giraffs Without Borders field trip    

A comment from Kermit:

"Green will always be pretty my friend. Remember that"