A nice page dedicated to bringing usefull information about deer to the Danish population.


  More information about deer but this page is English.



  If you would like to learn more about many of our employees you can find information and links on this page.
Kingdom hospital   Nice TV-show. Danish culture interpreted by an american guy. Not about giraffes or deer but still Antzalutely delecious.



  If you feel like seeing Orva at the olympics these are the people you need to contact.



Warning: The next pages are NOT about giraffes. They want you to think they are but don't believe them


  Absolutely not about giraffes.


  It's a movie page and there is nothing about giraffes at all but it does have a nice picture of a giraffe on it.


  A page about giraffe heroes but don't expect to find stories about real giraffes. This page is an insult to all the heroic giraffes who are not mentioned at all.