What is Orva?  

Orva is a brilliant and highly entertaining game. Fun for humans as well as giraffes. The rules are quite simple - if you want them to be because there are very few:


  1. Hit the cloth with the stick and make it land on the other side of the net. Or send it to a player on your own team. The cloth is not allowed to touch the ground. If you are a giraffe you can use your antenna instead of a stick.


  1. There are two teams but you can be as many or few players as you like.


  1. Any player can make a new rule when he/she/it feels like it. Once a rule has been made both teams have to stick to it for the rest of the game.


  1. The Orva-field can be any size or shape and it can be anywhere you want it to be.


Water Orva is not recommended if you are playing with giraffes (unless there are giraffes on both teams). They are very tall and impossible to beat in a water-game because they don't have to come up for air.


Ewan McGregor demonstrating a perfect smash using a lightsword as an Orva-stick (you don't have to use a light sword if you don't own one)


Orva is a well known game in Congo. Giraffs Without Borders employees often play with the local giraffes and humans. GWB employees on this picture are Elijah Wood (front, left) and Julia Roberts (front, right). The giraffe is Rafigi Raph Junior. The first giraffe ever to be adopted by humans through Giraffs Without Borders.