Picture gallery


The Gert Giraffe award show, 2003:

Giraffs Without Borders won two awards at the Gert Giraffe award show in 2003. The catagories won by Giraffs Without Borders were "Nicest paint on of spots on a deer" and "Best construction of giraffe-fence". Here are some pictures from the show:


GWB employees at the party after the show                         GWB people at the press conference  


Pictures from the show in 2005, where Giraffs Without Borders won 8 awards, can be wieved here


Field work:

Giraffs Without Borders are helping giraffes all over the world but sometimes we also do non-giraffe-related work.


Pictures fom the daily work with the giraffes                                                    We often send giraffe representatives to watch where evil is present


Social events and meetings:


Group pictures:

Some exclusive pictures of members of the organization. The 2004 and 2005 christmas card is also included. The 2005 card can be bought at gas-stations and chicken-farms all over Djursland, Denmark. The price is only 97,00 Euro and all profit goes to helping giraffes.