Poul Nyrup Rasmussen



Until resently Poul was working in the Danish government but he decided to retire in order to be able to spend more time with Giraffs Without Borders.

Poul works as make-up artist in the company.

Poul is always willling to help others. On this picture he is giving some good advice to our young giraffe-spot painter Nick.
Poul is also very athletic and he is often seen in his red work-out suite. Always ready to give advice about how to keep in shape.  
  Poul is still very much into politics and voting and he has established a Giraffs Without Borders council. Here we discuss and vote about almost anything.

At the meeting on the picture we were discussing the necessity of bringing chocolate-biscuits on plane-travels. It was decided with 777 votes against 23 to continue to bring chocolate-biscuits.