Danish Queen attends Giraffs Without Borders reseach expedition




The Danish queen Margrethe II joined Giraffs Without Borders on a scientific expedition to count the free-living giraffes in Denmark. It is of utmost importance to control the  size of the giraffe-population since giraffes are a very endangered species in Denmark.


A comment from Margrethe:

"I am very proud to be able to help Giraffes Without Borders with their work. This will help all giraffes in Denmark."



Counting giraffes is extremely difficult because they are able to change color according to the environment. GWB usually spend the counting-days in a tower like the one on the picture below. We eat chocolate biscuits and drink tea while we count all the passing giraffes. Counting-days are very exciting and full of action.



Director Trine was succesfully leading the counting this year.

Count:  1 giraffe (it might have been the one we brought though because she had left the tower on time of the sighting), 2 round footprints (possibly from a giraffe), 3 squirrels (one of them had a spot), a bird with a long neck (possibly a giraffe in disguise), 1 tree that looked a bit but not entirely like the neck of a giraffe.