Robbie Lagune

Robbie Lagune lives in L.A. He was found in the woods when he was a young giraffe long before Giraffs Without borders was founded. He was raised by human biologist and has become the first giraffe-biologist in the United States.  
    Robbie as a child on a biology field-trip with some of his human friends.
  Robbie was adopted late in his life by Trine Fredlund (the director of Giraffs Without Borders). He is a very serious scientist and his research is supported by Giraffs Without Borders.
Robbie Lagune and co-workers Albert and Aharon visiting Trine in her laboratory at the University of Aarhus (Robbie is the spotted gentleman to the right).    


Robbie is a member of Greenpeace and has been on many missions to save the world.  


In his free-time Robbie is a movie director. He has been co-director of some pretty famous movies. The picture below is from one of his movies. Robbie doesn't want this page to mention the name of the movie since it was quite boring and pointless.




Comments from Robbie:

"There are more animals living in the scum on the teeth in a man's mouth than there are men in a whole kingdom"

"We do not enherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"