The development from deer to giraffe


Originally there where no giraffes, only deers. Eventially the deers (some of the deers) changed into giraffes and a new and amazing species was born.

The developmentfrom deer to giraffe is a very complicated story and it is not yet common knowledge. The illustration beneath is an attempt to simplify the situation:



It should be evident from this brilliant illustration why the deer developed the long neck: it had to eat the leaves from the tree but it couldn't reach them. The solution to the problem was to grow a long neck.

The deer then faced another problem: the antlers got stuck in the tree. The solution to that problem was to reduce the antlers to antennas.

Another explanation to the antler-reduction is off course that the deer wanted to catch the tv and radio waves but GWB experts have proved that theory to be wrong. First of all antlers are more fit to catch tv-signals than giraffe antennas. The reason is the complicated structure of the antlers that have much resemblance to a tv-antenna. Another reason is that the transformation from deer to giraffe happend a long time ago in a time without tv or even radio.

Why did the giraffe develope spots? This is the last question needing to be explained about the deer-giraffe development. The answer is quite simple: The giraffes enjoy spots. To a giraffe spots are a very pretty thing and they want to wear as many as possible.