Giraffs Without Borders in action



Giraffs Without Borders is a growing oranization with many important projects. The two pictures below was taken in one of our giraffe-reserves in Africa. 





The next two pictures are from the Svalbard giraffe-reserve. Giraffes are a very endangered species on Svalbard but Giraffs Without Borders are determined to do something about this.



Giraffs Without Borders is a democratic organization and we always love to vote about stuff. At the meeting on the picture we were discussing the necessity of bringing chocolate-biscuits on plane-travels. It was decided with 777 votes against 23 to continue to bring chocolate-biscuits.    
  Giraffes are excellent spies becouse of their ability to blend with the surroundings. The latin name for giraffe is actually chameleonus becouse they are able to change colours according to the background.

That is why we often send under-cover giraffes to keep watch at evil gatherings.  

GWB people on a giraffe-counting trip in a danish forrest. This particular trip was attended by the danish queen.