Rafigi Raph Junior


  Rafigi is from Congo. He was the first giraffe to be adopted by humans through Giraffs Without Borders back in 2002. The above picture is Rafigi and his class mates at school. As you might notice Rafigi is the only giraffe in his class. That is because to few humans are currently supporting the giraffes. Hopefully that will soon change


  This is the village where Rafigi lives. On the picture he is playing Orva with a local woman and two GWB employees.



Giraffs Without Borders workers met Rafigi on the savannah and decided to find a human who would adopt him.

A comment from Rafigi:

"Nice Giraffs Without Borders. Haves been going to school for 3 yearses now and knows a lots of things about all. Did you know that only warm-blooded animals can breath while they eat? Also I can count my own spots and no one can say "you only haves 145 spotses" because I knows I havses 147"