The busy life of Giraffs Without Borders employee Trine


Apart from being co-director of Giraffs Without Borders Trine's main-function in the company is the purchase of chocolate-biscuits for plane-travels. There are hundreds of different kinds of biscuits and this makes the job difficult. Did you know that some biscuits don't even contain chocolate??????? It's a sick and twisted world in the chocolate-biscuit business.




Trine is also the webmaster of GWB (obviously she is very good at this) and the leading expert in biology in the organization (she knows many interresting facts about ants, fish-jawbones and the phylogenetic relationship between the deer and the giraffe). She is also inventor of the giraffe-smileyface:

------( : =



Picking out the right biscuits is a difficult job. 

Trine in her office being very busy. The giraffe on the picture is her  assistant L. Ong Necksus.



Also Trine is world-famous for getting very bad ideas. Some classic examples:

  • Touching the art-thing at the museum (it would never have been destroyed if they had used glue in stead of putting the thing together with nothing).

  • Bringing srewdrivers to the safety-check at the airport.

  • Blowing herself up (don't ever mix alcohol, hydrogen and fire......... very dangerous, very explosive).



Finally Trine was inspired by the logo of a moving company to invent the helicopter-with-hole-in-the-roof-for-giraffe-necks........ and we all know how that went.

RIP Jones B. Giraffo



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