Jones B. Giraffo

Jones B. was a great and charismatic giraffe. Up untill his recent death he founded many famous giraffe-orders. The most famous of these is "The Order of the White Rooster"  

The name Jones B. Giraffo was chosen by Jones B. himself in accordance with the rules of The Order of the White Rooster and his real name will never be mentioned again.  
    The funural-parade in honour of Jones B.



A comment from Jones B. Giraffo:

"If the shadow of a vulture falls on a white rooster sitting on two charred pieces of wood in a fire that has been put out, you're in a regrettable situation. Even so - don't despair and don't call the rooster by it's name, eat the wood, hit the rooster or adress your brother by an inadequate name"