The Order of the White rooster

The Order of the White Rooster is founded to honour the fact that life very rarely makes any kind of sense at all. Members of the order follow 12 rules of conduct taken from a book written by Walter Moers (may he live forever) but apart from that they can live a perfectly normal life. The rules are extremely easy to live by exept rules number 7 and 12 (rule number 12 is only difficult if you actually find the city of Anagrom Ataf).

Many members of Giraffs Without Borders (both humans and giraffes) have joined the order. The founder of the order Jones B. Giraffo died under tragic circumstances last year but if you wish to join The Order of the White Rooster his yonger brothers Blackie Ringading Dong and Ezzzzzzzra Ruzzilluleqqa Picanto can be contacted by e-mail: 

You can join the order for free if you are a human or a giraffe but all members should be prepared to choose a new name for themselves in accordance with rule number 7.


The 12 rules of conduct:

  1. Honour the Domp!
  2. Do not call a white rooster by it's name!
  3. Do not eat wood!
  4. If you see two crossed pieces of wood, don't step forward across them with your right foot but backward with your left. Moreover, do not eat them!
  5.  If the shadow of a vulture falls on a fire that has been put out, the fire has to be re-lighted three times or a huge disaster might occur.
  6. If you cross the path of a white rooster that is sitting on two crossed pieces of wood then do not hit the rooster. Do not call the rooster by it's name or eat the pieces of wood either!
  7. You must carry a name unlike any other in the universe. If you meet one of your brothers you must (faultless) adress him by his full name!
  8. If the shadow of a vulture falls on a white rooster sitting on two charred pieces of wood in a fire that has been put out, you're in a regrettable situation. Even so - don't despair and don't call the rooster by it's name, eat the wood, hit the rooster or adress your brother by an inadequate name!
  9. Do not finkle backwards!
  10. Do not finkle forward!
  11. Do not spend the night on a sand hill that is wandering towards mid-day! You can only sleep on it if it is wandering towards evening!
  12. You must seek the city of Anagrom Ataf. When you find it you must catch it and make it your home forever!