09/05/05 Giraffs Without Borders in Florida
13/06/05 Giraffs Without Borders in Paris
04/10/05 Charity show in Aalborg, Denmark arranged by GWB
6/10/05 All Chicken nuggets are eaten, as soon as the pizzas are gone as well there will be room in the freezer for the 5000 tons of ice.... Happy Happy
15/10/05 Terrible helicopter accident - Giraffe dies
18/10/05 Danish queen attends Giraffs Without Borders research expedition
09/10/05 New record!!!! - 2.5 million new members of Giraffs Without Borders in the first 6 months of 2005
07/11/05 Giraffe amusement-park on Honolulu open for the public.
6/12/05 Giraffs Without Borders Christmas card 2005
14/12/05 Giraffs Without Borders attends King Kong premiere
20/01/06 Gert Giraffe Award Show 2005 - Eight awards for Giraffs Without Borders
January 06 The beginning of a new ice age - Don't panic
26/01/06 Giraffs Without Borders buy pretty bridge in  London
13/02/06 Giraffes demand apology from evil giraffe-caricaturists --------) : =
04/04/06 Giraffs Without Borders infiltrate the UK
07/06/06 Introducing Kom Glad Records - a deep deep underground pirate record-company
09/12/06 The 2006 christmas card
20/01/07 The Gert Giraffe Award Show 2006 will be held in Okrug, Kamchatka
01/03/07 ------( := Webmaster Trine is unemployed again so the homepage will be updated soon
06/04/07 Pictures from the Gert Giraffe Award Show finally available
30/05/07 Nye filer lagt ud på siden